Nigerian Shoes – Interview reveals where to find them

So where does one find quality shoes and clothes made in Nigeria?

Not long ago, an interview was conducted by one of Nigeria’s foremost online community sites, Connect Nigeria.

This rare interview revealed the secret location.

The interview was with Paul Ade-Martins, the founder of Marco Martinez Clothing Company. One of the most creative clothing companies in Nigeria.

A kind gesture of recognition is what it was.

The Genuine Urban collection of the company were to be featured on their site. This collection consists of casual and formal Nigerian shoes, Tshirts, stylish maxi dresses, polo’s, hoodies, tunics, sweat tops, blazer jackets, tank tops, pants, joggers and snap backs.

Their readers were taken down the memory lane.

The gesture was appreciated.

Find out more about this interview here –

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Should you want to visit the Marco Martinez external stores outside here, feel free to explore our Jumia store, one of Nigeria’s Largest e-commerce firms.

We have stocked a wide array of products for male and female including shoes, snapbacks, tops, shirts, polos, tshirts and jackets.

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